R.B. Woodcraft welcomes Assistant Project Manager, Brad Wolken, to the team!

March 21, 2019

Brad is a graduate of C.W. Baker High School and LeMoyne College, where he majored in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Brad started in Clients’ Relations then shifted to Project Management for a residential homebuilding company. Brad is passionate about building relationships with people and never settling—no matter what aspect of life—and he brings that intensity with him to work every day. He believes there’s always room for improvement, and R.B. Woodcraft is just the right place for Brad’s energy. Seeing projects through from paper to production is important to Brad, and he continually strives to push himself and projects further, focusing on the big picture. While details are important, Brad knows that keeping the main goal at the forefront is crucial to success.

When Brad isn’t at R.B. Woodcraft, he’s probably on the golf course, eating pizza, traveling, or spending time with his family.

Join us in welcoming Brad to the R.B. Woodcraft Team!

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